Freitag, 28. Juli 2017

*Never lose your sense of wonder...*

Welcome again!

 This time I would like to share with you my mixed media art journal page called "Never lose your sense of wonder". I played mainly with acrylic colours in violet and purple shades by the help of a palette knife. I used also some SnipArt stencils, stamps, small pieces of a page from an old book for creating the background...

From I used:

Have an amazing creative time!

3 Kommentare:

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this is a really good way of keeping your work on the scrapbook espeically work related to art. it really shows how you have such creativity in your work. great work.

Kate Yetter hat gesagt…

I really lo e the colors you have chosen for this page. The textures are amazing!

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Wow, you are so good in it, I am bit jealous of your work as I cannot make it :( but glad that I now know a person with perfect skills. Thank you for sharing this post