Dienstag, 17. Oktober 2017

*Father´s Frost Winter Cottage*


I love fairy-tales and mainly connected to Christmas time. One of my favourite tales is the classical russian story "Father Frost", and the  SnipArt 3D house is just perfect for his ice-palace.
I decorated my house mostly in white, silver and red. I used white gesso, various texture pastes, tissue paper, small wooden pieces, gauze, some glass embellishments, mini beads and a lot more, so that I achieve the most authentic, glamorous winter feeling...

From SnipArt.pl I used:


Have an amazing creative time!


Dreamy Attic Patrycja Pieczara hat gesagt…

Beautiful Christmas House :)!

Kate hat gesagt…

SO gorgeous! This will look gorgeous as a Christmas decoration. You should make a village of these.