Sonntag, 16. Juli 2017

*ICAD 2017 - A new beginning, Enjoy today, Sense of wonder, Have hope...*

Welcome to my blog!
I continued creating mixed media index cards for the  ICAD Challenge 2017 and here are my latest pieces...
#day 36 - "perfume"
#day 41 - "roots"
#day 43 - "lyrics"
#day 45 - "night sky"
Thanks a lot for stopping by
 and have an amazing creative time!


Ineke Original hat gesagt…


Kate hat gesagt…

Your index cards are fabulous! I love all the color and detail that you add.

Ellie Knol hat gesagt…

You have such a beautiful style.. wish I could be that playful... looks as if you don't overthink it, and just go for it! I plan things more most of the time I think..