Dienstag, 16. Mai 2017

*Gentle mixed media cards for a gentleman*

Hello everyone!
Today I would like to show you my two decent and gentle mixed media cards for a gentleman made for SnipArt... 
For both of my cards I chose white background and white accents also with combination of blue shades. I decorated my cards by the help of fabulous SnipArt chipboards, various stamps, paper embellishments, coloured gauze, enamels...

 I used 

 http://snipart.pl/paski-15x15-stencil-p-908.html http://snipart.pl/tlo-azur-nieregularna-krata-p-791.html http://snipart.pl/dekory-proste-z-trybikami-zestaw-p-738.html
Thanks a lot for stopping by!

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